1. 所有考生由BetWay必威官方网站翡翠湖校区南门(合肥市蜀山区翡翠路420,翡翠路和锦绣大道交叉口)进出,其它校门不对考生开放。

2. 在校门处须出示与报考时一致的有效证件和雅思报名网站打印的准考证

3. 考生在考试前7天内及考试当日,没有出现新冠肺炎十大症状:发热、干咳、乏力、嗅味觉减退、鼻塞、流涕、咽痛、结膜炎、肌痛和腹泻等,并知悉将承担瞒报的法律后果及责任。考生须在校门入口处的健康承诺书(见通知后的附件)上签名考试过程中,如考生自我申报身体不适或考务人员观察到考生身体不适,考务人员将对考生进行测温确认,如考生体温≥37.3℃,将终止考试并劝其离场。

4. 考生需全程佩戴医用防护口罩(除人脸识别和检录拍摄照片时),在排队等候区域请自觉保持一米以上距离。

5. 考点实行闭环管理。考生须服从现场工作人员安排,入校后考生按照雅思专用指示牌和志愿者引导的路线进入考场,出校时原路返回。考生不得偏离考试设计的路线,考试结束不得在校园逗留。

6. 所有考生(包括18岁以下考生)家长、陪考人员一律禁止入校。出租车、网约车和私家车等社会车辆禁止入校。请勿在校门口聚集或长时间等候,即停即走。

7.  以上要求将根据合肥市和学校的具体疫情防控要求,实时进行调整,并及时在本考点网页进行更新。如有疑问,请致电考点咨询电话:0551-62901716(工作日上午10点-12点,下午2点-4点)


Notice on IELTS Test at Hefei University of Technology

For test takers who registered for IELTS at Hefei University of Technology, according to the national epidemic prevention and control policy and the regulations and requirements of Anhui Province and Hefei City, to successfully enter the campus, please pay attention to the following requirements:

1. Only through the South Gate of Feicuihu CampusNO.420 Feicui Roadmust the candidates enter the campus.

2. You are required to present valid ID cards, admission tickets, and signed “Personal Health Declaration Form” and accept body temperature check(below 37.3 ℃ on both Speaking and Written test day).

3. Test taker must ensure that they have no symptoms of COVID-19 seven days before the test day and on the test day. They are aware of the legal consequences and liability for any false information, and the risk of being disqualified. Candidate needs to go through body temperature check for the second time if any physical abnormality is reported by invigilators or self-declare. Those whose temperature is at or higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to continue the test.

4. All candidates are required to bring disposable medical masks or surgical masks and wear them all the time (only remove the masks for verification when entering the test center). Queue in an orderly manner and keep more than 1 meter distance.

5. The test centre applies closed-loop management. Test taker must follow the arrangement of the staff and should go along required route on campus.

6.Taxi, hired cars and private cars are prohibited from entering the campus. Parents / companions of test takers (including those under 18 years old) are prohibited from entering the campus. Do not gather at the gate or wait for a long time.

7. The above requirements will be adjusted according to the specific epidemic prevention and control of Hefei City as well as the test center, the latest news will be updated on the website of the test center in time. If you have any questions, please contact us at 0551-62901716.

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